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Using cosmetic products can make me feel more confident and more attractive to others.The expert spokesperson seems most appropriate when advertising products and services that carry higher financial, performance, or physical risk while an ordinary consumer is considered best for low risk products or services (Atkin and Block, 1993).Societal concerns over gun control, health and nutrition, alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, environmental pollution, sexual harassment and the impact of closings on local communities have caused many companies to temper or revise aspects of their strategies (Thompson and Strickland, 2001, pg 60).At the end, they were asked questions related to self-concept (Burn and Bush, 2005).To maintain the high developing growth, beside the familiar markets like the Western Europe or United States, the cosmetic companies should increase the penetration into the emerging markets.This theory is known as the image congruence hypothesis (Anould et. al 2004). Clothing is an example of self-image and product- or brand-image comparison.The promotion mix is one of the major elements of 4ps of marketing and day by day.

A large number of respondents were interviewed in order to ensure a certain degree of explanatory power and statistical significance of the responses.

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Bush, A. J., Martin, C. A. and Bush, V. D. (2004), Sports Celebrity Influence on the Behavioural Intentions of Generation Y: Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 44, Issue 1, pp. 108-118.Thus it is evident that celebrity endorser create trust and brand loyalty among the customers mind through their representation of the cosmetic product brands.

Also it has been found that female teenagers use cosmetic products same as their friends to fit in a certain group.Research method allows the researcher to plan and design the whole research in a proper way and shows the right direction to achieve an outcome.Glatthorn, A. A. (1998) Writing the Winning Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide, London, SAGE Publications Ltd.Thus organizations use their influential efficiency to attract the customers for the cosmetic product brands.Therefore, the finding shows that opinion of the sales person has significant impact on the purchase decision of the female teenagers.Furthermore Arnould (2004) included in his book that most importantly, it is created by the mirrored views of others and it depends on those opinions the individual consumer is reflecting on.Moreover, they put a great deal of importance in fitting in within a group by wearing clothes that symbolise the connection between them and they wish acceptance from the group.

Furthermore, price is another significant factor that has found to influence the purchase decision of the female teenagers.One of the most common ways of attempting to influence consumers is through celebrities as they belong to a group the consumer might aspire to.Or they can do it by behaving in a way that will reposition them nearer to their ideal selves and enhance their confidence (Asseal 2004).

They can mainly be obtained from books, academic articles and periodical journals (Saunders et al, 2003).

Their aspirations are large and they are seeking to be loyal to sophisticated brands.Global Residence Programme Malta Residency-by-Investment Programme.A study about general consumers found that celebrities do not influence consumers purchasing decisions (Bashford, 2001).

Misleading advertisements change the behavior of young people and can affect them when they grow up.

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Cosmetics companies use the desires, senses and images consumers have or want to experience.

According to Lachance et. al (2003), these socialisation agents may often impact whether or not the adolescents will buy certain products or brands.Unpublished Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Minnesota.Although such growth was modest compared with other product subsectors of decorative cosmetics, it was nevertheless an improvement on 2006, when the sales value had declined from the previous year.This literature review section examined several major factors that have been believed to determine consumer behavior.UKEssays Dissertation Examples Management Consumer Buying Behaviour.Even within consumer behavior, there are several areas that can be further explored.As the above graph shows, a majority of 87% respondents claimed that quality is a very significant factor which influences their choice of cosmetic product brands.In order to meet the research objectives, the paper has evaluated the key factors that influence the consumer purchase decision.

In the discussion with sales manager, firstly the respondent was asked regarding the factors that needed to be considered to attract the female teenage segments for cosmetic products.The general idea behind the focus group method is that group processes can help people to explore and clarify their views in ways that would be less easily accessible in a one-to-one interview (Saunders et al, 2003 and Aaker et al, 2004).